PROGRAM IS FULL FOR 4TH-6TH GRADES. If you have a daughter that is in 7th or 8th grades you can email coach matt at wavevball@gmail.com and he can send you the link directly.

What is Youth Training?

The Spring training Group will structure practices to include heavy skill training as well as movements and techniques to establish a strong foundation for athletes to be successful as they progress through the sport. Many of our coaches are educators, but all have previously played and coached the game at the HS and Collegiate levels. Our coaches will break down skills and movements for players to be able to understand and then build them back up to what they would expect in actual play. Essentially the structure is to start small and progress up into more game-like situations. Coach Cate Nazarko will be leading our Spring Training for 2022.

Grades: 4th to 8th
Date Range: April 4 – May 11
Days: Monday & Wednesday Evenings
Times: 4th-6th Grades (5:45-7:15) | 7th & 8th Grades (7:10-8:40)
Duration: 6 weeks (18 hours of practice)
Practices: (2) 1.5 hour practices a week
Location: Braden River School (State Road 70) – Enter next to Zaxby’s. Gym is next to Football Field

Coaches: Cate Nazarko, Brianna Sweitzer, Emily Camp, Matthew McElhiney and other staff


Required Membership: AAU Youth membership.

  • Visit http://www.AAUsports.org and register for a 2021-2022 membership
  • Must have a 2021-2022 membership prior to participating in any practices
  • Select WAVE Volleyball by using club code: W34W9W